Typically used as headers. Follow semantic hierarchy — Title 1s should be followed by Title 2s followed by Title 3s and so on, without skipping any levels.
Tags can be changed using the tag prop. However, be sure follow markdown semantics (h1's are followed by h2's followed by h3's and so on).

Default UI


Title kit will use h3 tag by default, and size 3 as well.
Size and tag props are not in correlation with each other, meaning any size can be used along with any tag.

Light Weight UI


Title size 1 will use font-weight: 700 by default, if you want a lighter font weight, use the bold prop set to false.
Title size 2 & size 3 uses a light font weight by default and will not accept a bold font weight.
Title size 4 uses a heavy font weight by default and will not accept a lighter font weight.



Title kit will use default color by default. Other available colors are:

*light lighter success error link

  • These colors are not for standard usage. You can use the color prop to make fixes if colors are not appearing properly, but consult your UX team members if you are deciding to implement it

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