This kit consist of large display and table display format. It includes and icon, and a time zone.


Use this anywhere needed to display a certain timestamp


Timestamp Values

Handling Timezones

Simply enter the timezone you would like to use and it will appear.

The list of supported timezones is exhaustive and we're most likely to only use timezones from the Americas so we've highlighted those in the examples.

However, if you need to support another timezone you should be able to Google a specific list, otherwise you can follow the string pattern and try entering a continent and a city.

Remember, this is just labeling the timezone, please verify the actual time for a specified timezone is rendering properly.

Format: <Continent>/<Large_City_Name>

Continent Options: America | Europe | Asia | Africa | Pacific | India | Atlantic | Australia



For alternative typography styles, you can pass a boolean prop called unstyled to the Time kit and wrap it in any of our typography kits (Title, Body, Caption, etc.). This will allow the Time kit to inherit any of our typography styles.

Things To Avoid

Try to not use this as a small time stamp to display a status update.

Available Props