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Tips for Custom Icons

When using custom icons it is important to introduce a "clean" SVG. In order to ensure these custom icons perform as intended within your kit(s), ensure these things have been modified from the original SVG markup:

Attributes must be React compatible e.g. xmlns:xlink should be xmlnsXlink and so on. There should be no hyphenated attributes and no semi-colons!.

Fill colors with regards to g or path nodes, e.g. fill="black", should be replaced with currentColor ala fill="currentColor". Your mileage may vary depending on the complexity of your SVG.

Pay attention to your custom icon's dimensions and viewBox attribute. It is best to use a viewBox="0 0 512 512" starting point when designing instead of trying to retrofit the viewbox afterwards!

You must source your own SVG into component/view you are working on. This can easily be done in programmatic and maintainable ways.


So long as you have a valid React <SVG> node, you can send it as the customIcon prop and the kit will take care of the rest.


Some Rails applications use only webpack(er) which means using image_url will be successful over image_path in most cases especially development where Webpack Dev Server is serving assets over HTTP. Rails applications still using Asset Pipeline may use image_path or image_url. Of course, YMMV depending on any custom configurations in your Rails application.

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