A popover is a way to toggle content on top of other content. It can be used for small texts, small forms, or even dropdowns. By default, popover will toggle open/closed by simply clicking the trigger element.


In addition, you may also choose to enable enhanced functionality so that the popover may be toggled by clicking outside of the "trigger element" and/or popover itself.

Usecase #1 - Close on click into popover content

You are building a single page application where clicking into the popover itself triggers some asynchronous actions which mutate the UI instantaneously. As a result, may want the popover to automatically close after a selection has been made from the popover contents.

Usecase #2 - Close only on click outside of popover content

You are building an custom in-page results filter list which is contained inside of the popover's content area. Since the filter list contains 5 filters, you may want to keep the popover open so that users may select multiple filters then only close the popover when users click outside of the popover.


Dropdown example

Notice offset is not set so the popover is flush with the content.

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