Use to display the date. Year will not display if it is the current year.

DateTime defaults to the "America/New_York" timezone. Date ignores timezone.

Please note: this kit could potentially change the dates on you!

This is because the Javascript Date class does not have the concept of a date without time. If you pass a Ruby Date string to JavaScript, you will receive a date and a time which makes use of the timezone it infers from your browser based on your virtual geolocation or custom browser settings.

For example, if you pass a date like "7/2/2022" and your browser is on London time, Javascript will convert this to "7/2/2022 at 0:00 BST".

Subsequently, if you have not passed in a timezone to this kit, it will convert that time into US Eastern Time (default), making the resulting date and time "7/1/2022 at 19:00 EST". In this case the expected July 2 date will now be presented as July 1.





For alternative typography styles, you can pass a boolean prop called unstyled to the Date kit and wrap it in any of our typography kits (Title, Body, Caption, etc.). This will allow the Date kit to inherit any of our typography styles.

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