Circle Chart

Default Style

Live Data

Rounded Corners

Accepts Any Block

Color Overrides

Custom data colors allow for color customization to match the needs of business requirements.
Pass the prop colors and use desired values data-1 | data-2 | data-3 | data-4 | data-5 | data-6 | data-7 | data-8 in an array. Hex colors are also available eg: #CA0095

Data Labels


Legend Position


align Type: String | Values: left | center | right (defaults to center)
verticalAlign Type: String | Values: top | middle | bottom (defaults middle)
layout Type: String | Values: horizontal | vertical | proximate (defaults to horizontal)
x Type: Number (defaults to 0)
y Type: Number (defaults to 0)

  • layout determines the position of the legend items
    layout: proximate will place the legend items as close as possible to the graphs they're representing. It will also determine whether to place the legend above/below or on the side of the plot area, if the legend is in a corner.

  • x offsets the legend relative to its horizontal alignmnet. Negative x moves it to the left, positive x moves it to the right

  • y offsets the legend relative to its vertical alignmnet. Negative y moves it up, positive y moves it down.


Inner Circle Size Options

Tooltip Customization

A custom tooltip format can be specified. The desired format can be passed as a string of custom HTML to the tooltipHtml prop.

{} and {point.y} are useful values that can be referenced for each point in the graph.

Available Props