Default text style for paragraphs. Follow hiearchy when using "light" or "lighter" variants to deemphasize text — default style should be followed by "light" followed by "lighter".
Use "success" and "error" for status. View footer notes for things to avoid.



This kit uses default color by default, and can be replaced with colors below:

  • light lighter success error link

  • These colors are not for standard usage. You can use the color prop to make fixes if colors are not appearing properly, but consult your UX team members if you are deciding to implement it


Best settings for articles

Using two global props can greatly improve the readability of articles and even forms. Set Max Width to md, and Line Height to loose.

Styled tags

Playbook styles the b, strong, a. i, em, small and u tags within the body kit to match Playbook's design system.



truncate | Type: String | Values: "1" | "2" | "3" | "4" | "5"

The truncate prop truncates overflowing text up to a maximum of five rows and adds an ellipsis at the end.

Things to Avoid

Do not use positive and negative variants with each other. Use Pill Kit to show status if the text is short. Otherwise, use positive and negative variants and use them sparingly.

UI Samples using Body Kit

Get the full picture. See how this kit is used in our samples.

Available Props