The background kit is used for adding a background to a page or to any container. Instead of adding a custom class to give something a background, you can now wrap the elements in the background kit and use the background_color prop to assign its color. The colors that you can choose from for the background_color prop are: gradient, dark, light, white, status colors, product colors, and category colors.

The custom_color prop allows you to pass a hex value (ex. "#e43718") in place of background_color. It is not case sensitive, but needs to start with #. This prop exists primarily for use in microsites and very specific situations. Avoid using unless absolutely necessary to maintain continuity.





To add a lazyload on the background image simply use the transition prop and one of the three string options "fade", "blur", or "scale".


Status colors can be passed into the background kit. success, success_secondary, warning, warning_secondary, error, error_secondary, info, info_secondary, neutral, neutral_secondary, primary, and primary_secondary

Status Subtle

Status Subtle colors can be passed into the background kit. success_subtle, warning_subtle,error_subtle, info_subtle and neutral_subtle


Category colors can be passed into the background kit. Values category_1 to category_21 are accepted. List of all category and status colors can be viewed here.


Background size can be passed into the background kit. Values auto, cover, and contain are accepted.

💡 Note: When using contain you might not want to have a repeating background as this will not always look pleasant. To prevent this, you may pass no-repeat to the backgroundRepeat prop.

UI Samples using Background Kit

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