Swift Setup

Integrate Playbook's design system seamlessly into your Swift app with the Playbook Swift Package. Get started today with our easy-to-follow tutorial.

Playbook Swift Design System 📱

Playbook Swift is the SwiftUI version of Playbook, optimizing Playbook's designs for iOS & macOS apps. With Playbook Swift, all of Playbook's design components are now replicated for Apple's devices.

Built and maintained by the User Experience Team at Power Home Remodeling.



Playbook Swift can be added via the Swift Package Manager

  1. Search for: git@github.com:powerhome/playbook-swift.git
  2. Choose Add Package
  3. Choose Packages > Resolve Package Versions
  4. In your Swift view file: swift import Playbook
  5. Build the project

Component Examples via PlaybookShowcase

The Playbook Swift repo contains the PlaybookShowcase app, which provides interactive examples of each component.

You can find further Playbook Swift component documentation within Playbook website's component library.

Contribution Documentation

Once you've installed Playbook Swift into your project and kicked its tires a bit, you may find that you'd like to contribute to its growth and development to better-serve your needs (and all other Playbook users), and we'd love to hear from you! Please see our contribution docs for more information on how to help us continuing growing Playbook Swift.