Kit Generator

Create a basic kit through the generator to speed up kit development.

rails g kit my_new_kit

View Objects

Understanding view objects

Rails Partial

How to setup kit partial

React Component

How to setup kit component for react


Understand how to create examples

File Naming

How files should be named

Layout and structure

A a kit should be able to function without external utility classes and libraries. A kit should handle layout for it’s children.

Writing Sass

Class names, chaining, and SASS

A kit should be named using prefixed complex classes to try and avoid naming collision and style bleed. Class chaining should be avoided if possible.

  1. Use extend a class using & when possible and avoid class chaining when possible.
  2. When you must use a chained class try to avoid setting multiple properties.
  3. If your using chained classes have simple names make sure they don’t collide with our utilities, and try to nest them under a parent class to avoid bleed